SEO Courses

Private SEO Training Courses for You and Your Team

Learn everything in SEO which is required to run a successful SEO campaign. Get actionable SEO recommendations for your website and follow-on support for proper SEO implementation.

Whatever is your industry or sector, our tailored SEO courses can help you and your team to improve their SEO knowledge. Our SEO training is completely tailored to your requirements and catered to your website.

Search Engine Optimization is always the most cost-effective way to reach out the right audience. SEO provides the credibility to business which is very important nowadays if you have online presence.

The SEO is constantly changing since 2000 and it’s always uncertain about what is coming next. So, it is necessary for marketers or entrepreneurs to understand the right way of doing the SEO. Our trainers are actually the practitioners who has 10+ years of experience working on clients’ SEO campaigns. Our SEO courses are completely based on the previous outstanding track record of improving the keywords ranking and organic traffic to our clients’ websites.

What will you learn after completion of SEO course?

By the end of our SEO training you’ll be able to:
  • How to achieve the top rankings in Google.
  • Develop an SEO strategy and plan of action.
  • How to convert more of your search traffic into sales/leads.
  • Understand how search engines work and the major Google algorithm updates.
  • Implement your first SEO campaign for your website.
  • Undertake detailed keyword research for your website.
  • Analyze the competitor websites and how to overcome them.
  • Understand all the elements of on-page SEO to make your website perfectly optimized.
  • Best practice for producing SEO friendly content on website.
  • Recognize the importance of link building and quality off-page optimization tactics.
  • Implementing and using key SEO tools to make SEO easier and faster.
  • What to avoid in SEO to prevent your website being penalized by Google.

And many more benefits will be tailored for your project……

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Who should attend this SEO course?

If you are an entrepreneur, management staff or business owner who wants to manage SEO campaign himself, in-house or with an external digital marketing agency.
A blogger who wants to understand how to produce SEO friendly content and improve the organic traffic on website.
A marketing professional who wants to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns through SEO and need to have SEO knowledge as a secondary skill.
If you are a college student then this course can help you in getting freelance projects or building your career in digital marketing or SEO.
How much time the SEO course will take?
The Private SEO training consists of 8-10 hours of theory and 30-40 hours of practical online work. The core concepts of SEO can be completed in 1-3 days as per your availability. After the completion of training, participants will do hands-on excercise based on a real-life industry case study. You will also have an opportunity to use various digital marketing tools.
What type of follow-up support you will get after the course?
Upon request, we will check your website to ensure that you have implemented the SEO practices correctly.
Where and when the SEO course take place?
The course is held on a time and date suitable to you at our office located in Gurugram or Bangalore. We can also travel to your office for in-house SEO training.
How much does it cost?
The cost of the private SEO course is INR 25,000 for the first attendee. Each additional attendee is charged at INR 5,000.
Get an SEO Training Certificate
Upon request, you will receive a training certificate to confirm the completion of SEO training course successfully.

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Our Trainers

Gaurav Makkar

Digital Marketing Professional | Exp. : 8+ Years
Gaurav Makkar is self-motivated digital marketing professional having expertise in SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and more. Gaurav have worked on 200+ projects covering different industry domains like travel, logistics, education, ecommerce, etc.
  • Trained 100+ in India and globally
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Google Adwords Certified
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering
Hemant Kumar

Digital Marketing Professional | Exp. : 10+ Years
Hemant Kumar have trained more than 100+ in India as well as global market while working with different organizations in different sectors. He managed more than 500+ projects in different sectors like ecommerce, tours and travels, multispecialty hospital, mortgage, education etc. in niche as well as global market.
Hemant possesses a can attitude and has got more than 20+ certifications in digital marketing from IIMBx, IDBx, Curtin University, University of California etc. as mentioned in LinkedIn profile. He completed MBA (IT) from College of Management Studies, IILM, Delhi in 2008 and rank holder through his academic qualifications.