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5 Important reasons for using SEO TOOLS

5 Important Reasons for Using SEO Tools

Every Digital Marketer/Agencies understand the importance of using SEO tools, mostly it is to make its business and work easier, better and stronger than its competitors. Agencies/Marketer can only be as good as his knowledge about the SEO and SEO tools play a vital role in any  Digital Marketing agency output for its clients. Knowledge of right tools in SEO is a sign of a strong SEO strategy for an agency. It gives you a platform to not only keep track of your performance, but also tells you where your competitors stand in their SEO strategy.
Below are the 5 important reasons for using SEO Tools,

1) Analyse & Improvise from your competition’s SEO strategy

In the world of shortcuts and unethical SEO tactics for success, it’s quite easy to slide down the wrong path to catch up with the competition or from the pressure of producing results for clients. Instead of using the BLACK HAT techniques or doing something unethical, tools like SEMrush or RAVEN gives you an insight of your competition’s SEO strategy. These tools give you all the information about backlink traffics, rankings and its content performance. SEMrush can also help you generating keywords lists your competition is using to get their rankings, also you can expand the keywords search to get into new marketplaces.

2) Visualize and Conceptualize data and track ROI

Playing with numbers is something not every SEO expert is good at, so to help them with the data many SEO tools helps them to visualize data in much easier way via graphs and charts. It not only saves a lot of time but also help you better understand your data by keeping track of demographics and marketing campaigns. Tools like TapClicks can generate graphs with ease and can communicate data with agency and clients smoothly.
You might be very good at getting results in SEO, but communicating or explaining it to clients can be a very daunting task, SEO tools like SEMrush can generate reports that are very easy to read and explain with pointers to the clients.

3) Getting rid of Manual SEO Audits

SEO audits generally takes a lot of time and money while SEO tools can not only saves times, but can outperform the results in many ways. Tools like Screaming Frog can help you identify a lot of issues with a website like –
Missing Page Titles
Missing META descriptions
Broken links on the website
Page Server errors, etc.
Other tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush and Majestic, can help you automate the process to generate the reports with a monthly subscription fee.

4) Content Marketing keyword help

The Content is always very important when it comes to website, finding the right key words can be challenging, so using the SEO tools can be very helpful. It’s not enough to find the high search volume words, many factors are accounted in when you are looking for a right key words. Right SEO tools can help you find your website ranking and tell you what keywords can be easily changed/modified to get the desire results. Tools can easily identify if you need to change the existing content for the website or you have to replace the existing keywords to improve your ranking.

5) Tracking SEO and KPIs

SEO is not only about coming on the top of the search results, but many other parameters are considered when you rate a good SEO service like Conversation rate and Organic traffic on your website. Tracking these two could be very hard task for an agency without the right SEO tools.
Many KPIs can be different from one another when it comes to different business models and requirements like
Domain authority
Ranking of keywords
Numbers of backlinks
Getting the conversion of the traffic could be easily maintained by the right SEO tools like RAVEN TOOLS.


After analysing the importance of using the SEO tools, we can say that they are not only helpful for tracking your ranking or generating the relevant keywords search but you can also have in depth knowledge of your competition strategy, gain valuable data reading your SEO efforts and tracking your ROI for each client without using any unethical way. With the help of mention tools you can make a solid foundation for your SEO strategy.