Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

ROI Driven PPC Management Services

Our PPC management services are not only about managing Google AdWords campaigns. We also manage other advertising networks such as Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, YouTube, Gmail, Social and few more. The kind of business and audience you have, we recommend the best advertising networks for your business with an ultimate goal to achieve maximum ROI.

At WebClusion, the clients’ PPC campaigns are managed by AdWords and Bing Certified professionals, who also have extensive knowledge in Mathematics.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay per click (PPC), which is also known as Cost per click (CPC) is the quickest and most controllable digital marketing model to get your business in front of audience who is looking for your product or services. In PPC the business owner has to pay a fee every time their ad is clicked. Basically, you have to buy the visits for your website, rather than making an effort to achieve or earn those visits organically from Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Logic behind getting PPC done

Full control on spend: We can manage the spend easily.

Measurable ROI: Everything in paid advertising is measurable and we work to get maximum ROI from your investment.

Instant promotion: PPC is all about fast results. You start bidding and your ads will start showing.

Highly specific audience: You can choose age, gender, location, medium, etc. as per the requirement.

Flexible campaigning: What is performing or what is not, can easily be managed.

Our PPC Specialisms

Paid Search
PPC Remarketing
Social Advertising
Display Advertising

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