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10 Successful Instagram Marketing Tips

10 Successful Instagram Marketing Tips

According to eMarketer reports the daily time a user spends on Facebook and Snapchat will be same as last year, which was 38 minutes per day for Facebook and 26 minutes per day for Snapchat. It is reported that user will be spending even less time on these social media platforms for next year. But not all social media is experiencing a drop in viewership, Instagram time spend by a daily user has increased by a minute per day as compared to last year which was 26 minutes per day in 2018. eMarketer predicts Instagram growth will be minute per year for at least 2021.

Instagram unfortunately don’t have a magic code that will boost your followers or increase your brand awareness, but if you follow the listed guidelines it can certainly help you generate more potential leads and increase your marketing campaign to new heights. Below are 10 successful Instagram marketing tips for business and marketing agencies to boost their clients performances.

1. Clear Bio for your Business Profile

Your Instagram bio should paint a clear picture about your business, its services and its targeted audience. Bio should be crisp and to the point describing your business within 150 words. It should have your Business Logo, Website link and Contact information. Using Call to action button will encourage the audience to visit your website or call your services directly.

2. Clearly Defined Audience

Knowing your audience and the right people to target your services and products is very important. Even if your content is very engaging/informative or world class quality it won’t be of any help unless you are narrating it to your right audience. You should always

  • Track your Instagram insights to know the demography, age group and other vital information regarding your audience.
  • Using Social tools to understand your position within the audience or consumer.
  • Engaging with customers to understand their needs and wants and deliver it accordingly.
  • Keeping track of your audience trends on likes or dislike, then adjust/modify your marketing strategy to keep up with the latest in the market.

3. Tracking Progress with Instagram Insights

Instagram provides you with free tools for its business profile users, which is “Insights”. It gives you all the statistics to track and oversee your progress on Instagram like breakdown of your audience/followers demographics, engagement and impressions with followers. You can also see your follower’s age, location and active hours of the days. Using Insights you can easily understand your followers and the latest trends in the social media, you can see which one of your post gets more like and at what time of the day and how they are responding to your content. This will give you an idea to create more relevant content for users.

4. Creating Interesting Content

It is very important to create a content strategy and calendar for your Instagram once you created your business profile with clear and informative bio. If you are posting low quality content for your business with too many words, dull images and creatives, do not expect a good success from Instagram. Instagram is all about sharing quality content with engaging posts. In Order to get the attention from your audience/followers you must create eye-catching images or video.

There are a lot of tools available for creating a great content for social media other than Photoshop such us Canva, Adobe Spark Post etc. Using Canva is a great way to save on time and get the best layout for your Instagram stories, post or highlights. It gives you free templates to choose from along with pictures and elements and many background images. Once you have created an amazing content, you can use social media tools like Hootsuits or ZOHO to post your content to many channels along with Instagram.

5. Publish Post Regularly

Publish content regularly is the key to get success on Instagram. To grow a new account, you must publish more than one content a day, it will give you more reach and engagement. It can be quite time consuming with posting regular content more than once a day, it is where software like ZOHO come in handy to help you schedule the post in advance and post them regularly. Using the free Insight tool from Instagram you can also see the time when your followers are most active to reach out as many followers as possible. You should use the Story section to inform your followers about the upcoming or the latest post on your business page in case they have missed that earlier.

6. Using right and popular Hashtags

Many businesses have a great content, but many of them make silly mistakes like not using the right hashtags, using no hashtags at all or using some random hashtags which is not related to their services/products. When a business publishes a content on their page it is essential for them to use the right hashtags to connect to more relevant users, increase their business engagement with the right audience and grow their account to get more followers. Instagram gives you permission to use 30 hashtags for one post at a time, every business should utilize this feature and maximize their outreach. Searching for the right hashtags could be daunting at first, but you can use tools like Seekmetrics and Allhashtags to generate relevant and top hashtags for your content. You can manage your hashtags by Sked’s hashtag manager which copies your hashtags and arrange them accordingly.

7. Using Instagram Stories and Highlights

You can use Instagram’s Stories and Highlights in many ways to promote your content and business page. We can use Stories to create hyperlinks for your business, which a very productive way to get traffic and generate new leads for your business. Businesses can use Instagram stories to create an announcement for your new post and highlights those stories separately. Highlight feature also gives you more traffic and a platform for your followers to keep them engaging like asking polls regarding content or services. You can create hyperlinks for your stories and highlights which gives your followers and audience to directly engage with your website and generate more traffic and potential buyers.

8. Going live on Instagram

This is very interesting and new tool introduced by Instagram, which not only allow you to directly connect with your followers, but also provides them with the latest updates regarding your services/products. It can bring a lot of the new engagement and followers. Promoting your post by informing your Instagram followers when you would be going live can boost your traffic and increase your brand image with followers. You can share how to videos or behind the scene in your live posts. This is very effective and out of 10 successful Instagram marketing tips , this one is very important.

9. Collaborating with Influencers

Using Instagram Influencers can be very productive to gain more followers and increase traffic for your page and website. Using the already established followers by the influencers we can easily reach out to more customers for your business page. People generally follow the lead of an influence as they trust his/her opinion on what is the newest and best services/product out in the market. You have to first identify the right influencer relevant to your product or services and then collaborating with them to promote your services. You can easily reach out to the maximum number of potential customers/leads with the help of them and build a relationship with your audience too.

10. Engaging with your Followers

In the end, it’s about the communication with your followers, how you engage with them? Do you reply them quickly and offer to suggest help or give feedback on their queries? Treating your followers like your loved ones can easily increase your brand value when they realise it is after all a human behind the business profile picture.

Engaging with your followers content also add value to your business page, leaving a valuable comments and suggesting their profile to your fellow followers were build your reputation and helps you build a relationship and mutual trust with them. When you identify a potential customer or follower with a large audience himself try to engage with their followers, this is very effective as they will get notification each time I like or leave a comment on their profile. Giving some time in between each activity will increase your chances to get them into your profile.

Digital Marketing companies are now using successful Instagram marketing tips to increase their clients businesses.